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Looking Through the Lens

Looking Through the Lens

It’s been a minute, my dear readers! It’s May and this is my first post of 2019….whoops! There’s actually a very good reason for my hiatus: the bulk of my “free time” (you know, that collection of quick moments between caring for my children, school runs, bathtimes, the whirlwind of cooking and cleaning, and the laundry, oh god the laundry, and the 22 minutes of silence while the kids watch a show) has been spent launching a business!

For the better part of a decade, I’ve been growing more and more interested in photography. In the last few years, I’ve found joy in taking photos of my children doing real things. Not posing; just living life. It documents their childhood so perfectly and really captures their personalities. I had no idea what to call this style of photography, until recently. Early this year, I discovered Documentary Family Photography! It’s exactly what I had been doing, or at least trying to do. Much like natural wine, nothing is added or taken away! I excitedly studied it as much as I could, applied it to my own photography, and upgraded my gear. I still have so much to learn and experience, but I felt confident enough to take this style and offer it to other families!

So, I’m now a photographer. That still feels weird to say.

But I LOVE it. I’m doing something for myself and I’m really proud of the progress I’m making.

Please check out my website, and if you’re in NJ I’m available for hire! ;)

Here’s a small selection of what I’ve done thus far:


I’m not signing off forever! I’ll be back to write about wines that I really love, especially once the groundwork for my business and marketing is laid out.

Until then, stay natural my friends.



Cloudy Bubbles

Cloudy Bubbles