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Natural Labor and Natural Wines

Natural Labor and Natural Wines

I have THREE kids. If you're doing the super complicated math, that's three pregnancies, three labors sans epidural, three 'I am woman hear me roar' moments, and three glorious returns to wine. And three kids. I still can't believe that they're all mine. And it's amazing. It's true what they say - the transition from 2 to 3 kids is so much easier than 1 to 2. Once you grow accustomed to taking care of multiple children, adding another isn't much different, aside from the lack of sleep and most of your down time being spent nursing during the newborn phase. So, if you're considering adding a third child to your family, or if you're already some trimesters into it, I can tell you that you're going to be just fine! Here are some truths of three kids that I've learned thus far:

You care less

  • I found myself wearing the following to a neighborhood party and giving zero effs: gym shorts and a tshirt with spit up on it, but it's ok because the Ergobaby was perfectly concealing the mess.
  • Go ahead and throw some of your meal on the floor and then scavenge from the mess shortly thereafter, kids. I clean the floor of the dining room most days every day so that they can do this.
  • My son (the eldest) has been known to put his underwear on backwards, wear pants in 90 degree weather, or have his shoes on the wrong feet. And I rarely correct him, because HE GOT DRESSED BY HIMSELF and that's all that matters.
  • Sometimes my kids run off to a mystery location of the house and become either very quiet or very loud while I'm busy with the baby. I'm usually able to laugh at their shenanigans once I can get eyes on them again.
  • "Just wing it" has become my philosophy

Just when you think you care less....

  • your toddler plays in the toilet bowl water while you are giving the newborn a bath #bathsallaround
  • as your 4 year old is sitting on the toilet, your toddler races into the bathroom, proceeds to close and lock the door, then pokes the unsuspecting 4 year old in the head with the toilet brush, or so I'm told #thankgodforpurell
  • you actually become more strict because ain't nobody got time for disobedience when you have three monkeys to keep in line

Fun Facts

  • The ever present dark circles under your eyes can (and will) extend to your cheekbones
  • You can now function perfectly fine on 4 hours of sleep
  • Mothers of less than 3 will unconsciously gawk at you (and it's hilarious)
  • You will feel like you have a litter of offspring (and it will make your heart feel so full)
  • You'll get endless compliments when you're out with all of them

Survival Guide

  • Much like when you added child number 2, enlist the oldest child to help out with tasks. Now that my son is almost 5, he can handle more complex chores, which is awesome. For example, one afternoon I was essentially tied to the couch nursing the baby and I felt the caffeine shortage hit hard. I asked my son if he could do Mommy a solid and bring me a bottle of cold brew coffee from the fridge. I showed him the bottle that I had chugged earlier in the day and said that it looked just like that. He beamed and happily ran off to the kitchen and returned with.....a bottle of wine.
  • Get your crew out of the house every day. It will save your sanity and restore your patience. Play in the yard, go for a walk, hit up a playground, or even just run errands. Staying within the same four walls is the quickest and surest path to a psychotic break.
  • Your first two kids will watch a lot more tv early on, and that's ok. Give yourself a break when it comes to screen time when you have a newborn and are running on coffee fumes.
  • Allow your older children to learn to settle arguments on their own. You can't always be there to mediate or act as a referee now, so cross your fingers and hope that the lessons you've instilled for the last few years stick.

Now that I've popped out my newest daughter, I've begun to pop open some of the natural wines that I've been squirreling away for the last 9 months. One of the first was this lovely wine made by Evan Lewandowski of Ruth Lewandowski Wines. Evan named his winery after the biblical book of Ruth because it exemplifies the cycle of death giving way to life (or, nature). The Feints Cuvee Zero 2017 is as natural as is gets: zero additives. Pesticides, herbicides, etc. are not used in the vineyard, fermentation begins spontaneously using native yeasts, no fining or filtration agents are used, there is no added sulfur, and of course zero nasties are added to affect the outcome of the wine. It's made with Italian grape varieties grown in Mendocino County, CA and the style of wine lingers somewhere between a rosé and a light bodied red. I can honestly say that I've never had a wine quite like this and it's completely fetching. It tastes like a blend of cranberry and watermelon juices flavored with a heavy splash of balsamic vinegar, a dash of black pepper, with some raspberries and crisp apples lazily floating in it (sangria?). It's fresh, juicy, tart, and zippy with a barely noticeable fizz. While there is no wrong season for this wine, it's perfect for the summer and a fantastic way to kick off my lifelong adventure in natural wines. Feints is seriously delicious and I'm really glad that I bought two bottles of it. #drool

Cheers to keeping life real and natty.

The SomMOMlier


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