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Welcome to The Sommomlier. I write about wine and motherhood. Because sometimes one leads to the other. Let's geek out together.

I am the Sommomlier

You probably don't might recognize my name from my other blog, Drink of the Vine where I visited and reviewed over 90 wine bars. My goal of visiting every wine bar in Manhattan was cut short once I became a mother and free time turned into a distant memory! And I wouldn't change that for the world. However, crashing small New York City wine bars with a toddler-filled stroller would be inconsiderate to both my son and to other patrons, so I chose to start this blog and continue to share my passion for wine with you, my dear readers. I have transformed into....the Sommomlier.

I'm in the midst of obtaining the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Advanced Certificate to perpetuate my wine nerdiness and will be taking my exam next week. GULP.

I also wrote a book, but more on that later!

With this blog, I will write about the wines that I enjoy anywhere: at home, a restaurant, a wine bar, or at tastings, and I will still completely geek out about regions, grapes, and methods of winemaking. There may also be pictures of my cute kid accompanied by some parenting anecdotes. Just sayin'. I hope you enjoy what I have to say!


Megan Yates

Damilano "Marghe" Langhe 2011

Damilano "Marghe" Langhe 2011